Pia’s keys to success:

Saying NO and remember you have NOT been hired to co-manage the universe NOR are you qualified to do so.

Pia, stressed and ready for a change.

Pia, stressed and ready for a change.

Pia Fitzgerald served in education for over 20 years in a variety of roles: high school English teacher, adjunct college instructor, and college administrator. While in education, she functioned part-time in the fitness industry as an assistant track coach, drill team coach, and group fitness instructor.

Although fitness has been a part of her life since inception (her parents were always health nuts), she began to struggle with weight as she advanced in her career. While climbing the career ladder and taking care of her family (hubby and two children), Pia rode the weight gain roller coaster.

This ride, devoid of thrills and frills, created frustration and dangerously disguised depression. Fitness was not the problem—a firm understanding of nutrition was missing. Little did she know that the missing link was not just the proper nutrition for her body type and lifestyle habits, but the internal work required to achieve what is now known as her WOWW!Factor.

In 2008, she made the mental, emotional, and spiritual shift necessary to permanently lose weight while pursuing additional education in wellness to not only lose the mental and physical weight holding her back but to help others lose weight as well.

Today, Pia takes joy in helping others activate their WOWW! Factor by providing the power tools necessary to work on their wellness wish and win!

You can access this WOWW! Factor Experience through the newly created virtual membership wellness community or in person. Either experience is sure to offer creative and purposeful wellness coaching and fitness.


Hobbies: Laughing, Roller Skating, Writing, Reading, and Games such as Ms. PacMan, Hidden Objects, and Connect Four-- Don’t challenge her to ANY of these unless you want to learn a DIFFERENT kind of lesson!:-)

Favorite Phrase: Bless your pants!

Night time Ritual: Giving hubby a high five and laughing before sleep. You will often hear her saying: “I STAY laughing.”

Something no one knows about Pia: She is NOT a fan of pets but was secretly quite fond of her son’s dog, Nia.

Pia Fitzgerald helps women transform and live healthy, happier lives.

Pia Fitzgerald helps women transform and live healthy, happier lives.

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